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  • The garrison town of Gaomi City, Weifang, Shandongen.zgsbtjx.com
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  • Gaomi City Sheng Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    Gaomi City Sheng Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional production and sales of automatic packing machine, opening machine scutching machine manufacturers. Our company has strong technical strength and economic base, modern processing equipment, scientific management concept and network type management. Our factory is located between Qingdao and Weifang in Gaomi City, nort..
    It is committed to the research, development, design and production of all kinds of fiber soft materials, including cutting, crushing, opening, separating and dispersing equipment, with independent intellectual property rights. Products are mainly fiber cutting machine, machine, cutting machine, double cloth opener, cotton fluffer, multi-function mill, balers, short fiber sorting machine and all kinds of machinery and equipment.

    30 years' experience in industry

    Over the years I plant all the staff of one heart and one mind the spirit of "quality survival, reputation and development" purposes, according to customer demand for professional production of large sets of cotton processing equipment and various cleaning machine

    Sheng Bao's independent research and development, industry leading technology

    In 2006 the establishment of the "Sheng Plastic Technology" professional development of a new type of scutching machine. Finally, in August 2008, the energy saving 400-3A cleaning and carding machine was successfully launched in 2010. It was successfully launched in 2010.

    Sheng plastic enterprise purpose

    With the continuous development of high quality and the perfection of the new products, only the satisfaction of the customers, we have the market.