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Safe operation and looser five steps

The use of opener helps us to provide productive benefits, provide convenience, save work time, improve efficiency for our work, have been recognized by many customers, and we should pay attention to safety when we operate, so that we can guarantee our work, so how to do safe operation is now to be told. Look at it, everybody.
1 and Sheng Baote told us that when the opening machine was fed into the crops, the machine must be fed continuously and evenly after the machine was running normally.
During the operation of 2, the condition, sound and bearing temperature of the motor should be observed at any time.
3, staff work in the process of aggregation should be tight clothes and sleeves, wear masks and work cap.
4, when feeding raw materials, be sure to check whether the raw materials contain hard objects, so as not to damage the loosening machine and affect personal safety.
5, when dealing with equipment problems, we must wait until the engine stops.
We have told you the details of the steps in the safe operation of the looser. We should pay attention to the content of this aspect when we use it, and do not make any mistakes.

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