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Is the quality of the opening machine determined by the process

The opening machine is very convenient in the application. When we use it, we should pay attention to the correct use of the method. We can ensure that there will be no mistakes when the product is used, but when we use it, we pay much attention to the quality of the loose machine. So what is the effect of the quality of the product? Some people say that the quality of the loosening machine is related to its technology. In the end, we will tell you in detail in detail.
As an expert in this field, Sheng Baote wants to tell you that the opening process of the opening machine is closely related to the quality of opening the pine, but in the end what kind of technology can release the good products, the fiber material is different, the process of opening is different, and the different technological principles should be used for different raw materials.
For example, when processing raw cotton in cotton spinning, we should use loosening, beating, loosening and returning, reasonable strike and early breaking and less crushing. When the chemical short fiber or medium long fiber is processed, the chemical fiber material is fluffy and contains no impurities, only a small amount of fiber defects are contained, so the principle of multi recovery and multi recovery is adopted. Combine the cotton cleaning machinery and the configuration process according to the principle. Generally, the packing is too tight, water content or too much raw material should be pretreated. The raw material should be pre opened, or the first dismantling is given enough time to release the raw material, and the excess raw material should be dried before opening to improve the opening effect of the raw material.
If you want to open up a good product, you must strictly follow the requirements of the opening process.

The quality of the opening machine is related to what we have told you in detail above. When we use it, we should pay attention to the content of this aspect, do not have any mistakes, and affect our use.

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