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What should be noticed in the selection of the opening machine

      Speaking of Kai song machine, some friends may feel strange. This is because of the relatively few reasons for your contact. Actually, with the continuous development of society, the use of loosening machine is more and more extensive. It is mainly used in the textile industry. The quality of the opening machine is closely related to the use of the later period, so we need to choose carefully. Here, I take give you some suggestions. When buying, we need to pay attention to the cleanliness, the failure rate and the convenience of repair and spare parts purchase.
      1, the rate of loosening machine fault, is the main measure of a non-woven flowering machine service life, if the failure rate is too high, it will affect our normal work, failure again and again, greatly reduce the service life of the machine will lead to flowering and work efficiency, is called a penny, so we don it choose flowering machine cheap and buy inferior products.
      2, cleaning cleanliness is a measure of the performance level of non-woven flowering machine is a very effective index for many impurities processed non-woven fabric and cotton, how much is to clean the percentage of different flowering machine models in this aspect is different, so when choosing flowering machine, this is the first considerations.
      3, the convenience of maintenance and the purchase of spare parts. Flowering machine during operation failure is inevitable, whether parts but how to maintenance and can be timely replacement and repair, is also an important aspect of a measure of the quality of product quality non-woven flowering machine, which is to see whether the manufacturer has to the customer service service in a timely manner, this can be done by flowering machine manufacturers the size and the length of time and the establishment of market credibility to see.