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Cloth cutting machine

Cloth cutting machine
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Detailed description

      Cutting machine use is more flexible, it is difficult to cut for those products is also very easy, crushing products are not due to the improper use of the machine and the destruction of its basic functions, can be used for the two time, be truly green, for us to save the resources and benefits at the same time, also save the economy.
      1, rotary hob type, which is also divided according to its shape. This feature is that the number of cuts per minute is relatively large, which can meet the needs of industry.
      2. knife type cutting machine, which is characterized by simple structure,
      3. fiber cutting machine, which is a parallel blade type cutting machine, is characterized by high precision and can meet some high requirements for cutting off production.

      4, the radiation cutting cutter cut-off machine has the characteristics of simple use and simple maintenance, so the range of use is wider.

Cloth cutting machine

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