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High efficiency fiber cutting machine

High efficiency fiber cutting machine
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Detailed description

      Gaomi Sheng plastic manufacturers engaged in the efficient fiber cutting machine production and sales for many years, today, fiber cutting machine operation method of the right to share with you:
      1. operation, the blade is arranged in order, and the cutting machine can be started when the input tow is completely tensioned.
      2, when the fiber cutter is used, we must adjust the distance between the press wheel and the blade according to the total denier number of the tow, and the tow around the cutterhead edge is 1.5 to 2 circles without being cut off, but we must adjust the adjusting bolt when stopping.
      3, the tow of the input cutter must be neat and no knot phenomenon. It is necessary to ensure that the input tow has a certain tension, too small tension will occur heavy cutting phenomenon, and too long or too short fiber will appear.

      4. in the course of use, we must check the shedding fiber regularly. If it is found that a double length fiber is a phenomenon of breaking the knife, it is necessary to stop the inspection. If the fiber is found to be bonded, it is necessary to change the knife edge. It must be noted that the edge of the blade is too blunted, and it is very easy to cause serious breakage.

High efficiency fiber cutting machine