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The brush saw gin

The brush saw gin
  • Brand :Shengbaote
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Detailed description

      The brush saw gin is a kind of mechanical removal of cottonseed the machine is suitable for processing hand picked cotton, the machine is role is to separate the cotton fiber and the cotton seed, at the same time to remove a certain number of sterile seeds, dust and other impurities, with clean lint and certain content of cottonseed.
      The brush saw gin produced by our company has the following characteristics:
      1, convenient installation: the brush saw gin produced by our company as long as smoothly placed on the ground in hard medium, if not fixed machine feet can also use, small footprint.
      2, the operation is simple: put into the cotton - start the motor - up to the working box
      3, brush saw gin design beautiful, practical, simple transmission, small vibration, low noise, motor is arranged on the body.
      4, durable: easy to wear parts, the machine selection of the top material, and do nondestructive design to prolong the service life of the machine.
      5, maintenance easy to learn: illustrations with rich, let you instantly become cotton masters, smoothly done or easily solved all the problems.
      6, complete accessories: the machine has been installed motor fixed frame, motor pulley, rotating belt and so on.

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