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Sawtooth cashmere machine

Sawtooth cashmere machine
  • Brand :Shengbaote
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Detailed description

      Sheng Bao plant is a professional manufacturer of saw toothed peeling machine. Our company has compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, stable performance, durable and reliable economic effect. The sawtooth cashmere machine made by our company can be divided into two kinds of brush and air flow according to the way of brushing, opening the working box, the electric push rod for power, the pressure sensor for measuring and controlling cotton seed density.
      Performance characteristics:
      1, the whole machine is beautiful and elegant in appearance. It can ensure the operation and operation safety. It also has the function of mechanical protection and dust prevention in the workshop.
      2, feed system uses new sensing technology to control feed speed instead of mechanical feed control mechanism, making the whole machine compact, reliable and accurate.
      3, adjust the speed of the sawing cylinder and the dialing roll, increase the diameter of the seed roll and increase the output.
      4, reasonable improvement of box shape, improve the yield and quality of fiber.
      5. The mechanized automatic switch working box is not only convenient and reliable, but also greatly alleviated the labor intensity of the workers.
      6. Reduce the spacing of the saw blade, increase the number of the saw blade, increase the probability of shaving to the cottonseed in the unit volume, so as to improve the processing quantity of the single machine.


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