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Hydraulic packer

Hydraulic packer
  • Brand :Shengbaote
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Detailed description

Characteristics of hydraulic packer:
1. The use of the hydraulic packer does not require manual insertion, which saves manpower and material resources and improves the efficiency of work.
2. Soft packing, excellent durability and perfect packing function
3. After the packaging is finished, the motor is stopped immediately to save electricity.
4. The packing force is excellent, the failure is few, and the maintenance is convenient
5. The parts of the packing machine are all precision machined by computer numerical control machine
1, before using the hydraulic packer to confirm the use of the power to avoid causing fire incidents.
2, in the normal work of the equipment, do not use the hand to pass the packing belt in order to avoid danger.
3. Do not touch the heating film of the packer by hand.
4, can not use water to wash the machine directly, do not work in the workshops more barefoot, prevent the baling machine to produce leakage and other failures to bring harm to people.
5, do not use the material in time to return to the warehouse to store the house equipment, so as not to cause the next use of material damage.
6. Don it stick the oil in the bag so as not to leave the packer when it is used. After the machine is finished, you should remember to pull the power out in time.