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Oil pressure packer

Oil pressure packer
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Detailed description

      The emergence of the oil press has accelerated the development of the packaging industry. Especially for some carton packing work, there has been a great change from manual manual packing to the present oil press. The packing machine has brought great convenience to us. At the same time, we should pay attention to safety in the process of using it, so as to reduce the occurrence of accidents such as biting legs, breaking hands, burning waste stations and so on.
      Classified according to the bundling material:
      1. plastic belt packing machine. It is used as a strapping machine for medium and small weight packing boxes. The main plastic belt used is polypropylene belt, nylon belt, polyester belt and so on.
      2. steel belt packing machine. It is used as a steel band as a binding material, because of the high strength of the steel strip, which is mainly used in heavy and large packing boxes.
      3. portable pneumatic packing machine. The pneumatic packing machine is suitable for application in metallurgy, iron and steel, building materials industry, suitable for all kinds of PET plastic steel belt, tightening, bonding, cut at one time, simple operation.
      Classified according to structural characteristics:
      1. basic packing machine. It is a packing machine for all kinds of industries. Its table is highly suitable for standing operation. It is mainly used in packing, small packing, such as cartons, calcium plastic boxes, books and periodicals, etc.
      2. side packing machine. The joint part of the bundling belt is carried out on the side of the package, and the table is lower. It is suitable for the packing of large or large polluting packing, and if the antirust treatment is added, the aquatic product can be bundled.

Oil pressure packer

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