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Detailed description

      For large volume, heavy goods and packing design of packing machine, mainly has the following characteristics:
      1. the packer is shell is strong and the desktop can withstand the pressure of 1000KG. The mainframe of the packer is refueling, durable and easy to maintain. There is a full automatic packing machine in the packing machine that can be packaged automatically, but there is no power on the table. It is necessary to push the packaging manually to pass the packing equipment. The height of the table can be determined according to the height of the conveyer line of the customer.
      2. with excellent PLC control, the operation time is accurate to 1 milliseconds, and it can be adjusted on the spot to ensure the packing speed of the special flow operation.
      3. according to different packaging methods to ensure your various packaging requirements.
      The characteristics of the packer:
      1, when the power supply is turned on for 5 seconds, transient heating, no metal is suitable for various specifications of 6-15mm with PP
      2. Save the function. After the machine stops bundling, it runs for 35 seconds.
      3, high quality, packaging belt precision, firm, time saving, labor saving, power saving, easy operation, automatic bonding, the size of the binding force can be adjusted.