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Powerful looser

Powerful looser
  • Brand :Powerful looser
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Detailed description

      The powerful opening machine manufactured by our company combines the experience and characteristics of advanced fiber and cotton loosening and cleaning equipment at home and abroad, and has the characteristics of reasonable structure, compact type, convenient operation, low noise, high yield, good processing quality and little damage to fibers.
      1. strong opening machine with large and small roller roller rotating block, low speed operation, the opener will be up to tens of thousands of cotton and cotton comb loose finish; no damage
      2. the use of automatic cotton plant, the operation of the cotton opening machine is a safe and continuous operation time long, low maintenance
      Application scope:
      Can be widely used in a variety of chemical fiber, cotton, wool, linen, textile, clothing, textile waste yarn waste scrap, non-woven materials such as opening. It is suitable for textile, toy, clothing, shoe making, knitted chemical fiber, waste processing and other industries.

Powerful looser

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