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Shandong opening machine

Shandong opening machine
  • Brand :Shengbaote
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Detailed description

      The technology and quality of Shandong open loosening machine are closely linked. So what kind of technology can produce good products? Different raw materials and different loosening processes, different process principles should be applied to different raw materials.
      Using opening machine processing of raw cotton, the first song after beating, less recurrence, reasonable blow, Duosong caducous process principle less broken. When processing chemical short fiber or medium long fiber, because chemical fiber material is fluffy and contains no impurities, it contains only a few fiber defects. Therefore, the principle of multi comb, less beating, less exclusion and multi recovery is adopted.
      In accordance with the principle of combination of cotton machinery and configuration process. The raw material which is too tight, hydrated or containing too much impurity should be pretreated. The tightly packed raw materials should be pre loosened or disassembled first, giving full time natural release. Raw materials with too much water should be dried before opening, so as to improve the opening effect of raw materials. If you want to send out a good product, we should strictly follow the requirements of the opening process.

Shandong opening machine

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