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The price of the opening machine

The price of the opening machine
  • Brand :Shengbaote
  • Specifications :According to the facts
  • Price :Discuss

Detailed description

      Opening machine price with the equipment is type, material and function have a great relationship, different material, function, model, application of different places, here I can not give you an accurate price, you need to choose according to your demand after a good model, to consult the price of manufacturers.
      After being used for a period of time, it needs us to maintain after a period of time, so that it will not affect our use and increase the service life of the equipment.
      Maintenance of common sense:
      1. The maintenance of the opening machine needs two injection of oil per class.
      2, every day in the sliding bearing and the tensioner sprocket add HJ5 mechanical oil several drops.
      3, the right amount of reducer is properly refueling. When the hand is rotating, the oil on the big gear is better. Once a half a year, the oil will be cleaned and replaced. The oil storage volume in the box should be checked regularly.
      4, chain dripping every drop of oil, keep the oil film.
      5. When the opening machine is used for the first time, you must first lubricate each part and reuse it after a long time. We must clean the reducer and change oil.

The price of the opening machine