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Opening machine factory

Opening machine factory
  • Brand :Shengbaote
  • Specifications :商谈
  • Price :据实

Detailed description

      With the large demand for loosening machines by various manufacturers, the market of opener manufacturers is so beautiful that we can not start at the time of purchase. Then how do we decide the quality of a open loosening machine with a purpose?
      Quality discrimination:
      1.Quantity and type of impurities and defects in 1 and semi finished products
      2.The structure and uniformity of the 2 and semi finished products and the content of short fibers
      3. Check the number of spinnable fibers contained in the falling objects
      4. The opening of a fiber block, which is expressed by the average weight of the block, the weight of the unit volume, or the final velocity of the free settlement of the air in the air.
      major function
      1, opening machine adopts large and small roller roller rotating block, low speed operation, no damage to cotton.
      2. The operation time is long and the failure rate is low.
      3, with the addition of several small rollers to the seamless roller slot, the imported special rack and main roller have been doing the high-speed dynamic balancing treatment to ensure that the machine runs smoothly, no vibration and longer service life and lower maintenance cost.

Opening machine factory

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