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Carding machine

Carding machine
  • Brand :Shengbaote
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Detailed description

      High power scutching carding machine with the suction fan, the dust discharging machine is superior, is my factory for many years according to customer requirements, carefully processed with advanced production experience, excellent service attitude, talent shows itself in the same industry, we have to play the new value is clear out machine manufacturers trust.
      1, processing and entering cotton: the cleaning and carding machine has strong magnet roller. When feeding cotton, it can absorb iron and steel pins, nails, screws and other iron and steel materials, and minimize the damage of the cotton and comb sticks, and at the same time, the maximum procedure reduces the occurrence of fire.
      2. energy saving: the clean bomb carding machine is calculated by 8 hours per day, the average energy saving is 144 degrees per day, and the annual output is 10 months, and the total energy saving is 43200 degrees.
      3. row miscellaneous: the sorting machine of the bomb cleaning machine and the miscellaneous board are mixed together
      4. bomb carding machine reduces the space for processing users, and does not occupy a large work site to meet the needs of customers.

Carding machine

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