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Weifang bomb cleaning machine

Weifang bomb cleaning machine
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Detailed description

      The Weifang bomb cleaning machine is mainly used to remove the impurities in brocade and the loose, rolling and convenient use of the leather cotton. The installation of a large power suction fan makes the dust discharging function of the machine superior. Meanwhile, it has the advantages of reasonable structure, compact type, small noise, high yield, good processing effect, little fiber damage, simple operation, safety and convenience.
      Working principle:
      Weifang scutching machine is cotton material will need to be processed, evenly placed in cotton curtain, pull to the roller, because the roller rotation, pull a strong grip in the cotton layer to cotton Luo, continuous feeding, when the force of the hook and the sawtooth cotton friction is greater than the gripping force it suffered when by combing, cotton wool fiber was gradually open roll away. Cotton is separated into a single fiber, in the high-speed operation action taker, centrifugal force of inertia is large, the impurities can be along the tangential direction of the outer circle of the drum, constantly throw out. Due to the small proportion of cotton fiber, under the action of air flow, cotton fiber is sent to the surface of cotton collecting cage through the cotton conveying channel, forming cotton layer, sending two cotton feeder plates, forming the cotton layer, sending it into the roll up cotton roller, and winding itself on the surface of the wood roller.

Weifang bomb cleaning machine