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Projectile cleaning machine

Projectile cleaning machine
  • Brand :Shengbaote
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Detailed description

      Served as a professional production of plastic machinery manufacturers scutching machine manufacturing, machine structure scutching produced reasonable, compact structure, low noise, high yield, good processing effect.
      The main tasks of the projectile cleaning machine:
      The opening: pressed cotton loose solution into smaller blocks of cotton or cotton bundle, to smoothly mixing, cleaning effect;
      Cleaning: short fiber to remove most impurities, defects and should not be spinning in cotton;
      Mixing: different components of cotton were sufficiently uniform mixing, in order to stabilize the quality of cotton yarn;
      Roll: made of certain weight, length, uniform thickness, good appearance lap.
      Use note:
      1. in use, pay attention to avoid improper operation of the mechanical damage to the machinery, the correct operation of the machine is very good for its maintenance and maintenance.
      2., in the process of using, we should pay special attention to the operation of the bomb cleaning machine, and also pay attention to the maintenance of all parts in time to extend the service life of these components.
      In the daily use process, we only need to pay attention to the exact operation, which can effectively avoid the attack of the bomb cleaning machine, so as to effectively guarantee the service life of the bomb cleaning machine.

Projectile cleaning machine